We are very excited to officially announce that HHH Outreach is expanding and going international!


Just a little over a year ago, HHH saw its humble beginnings as an outreach to the homeless community

of Chattanooga, TN. The goal was to provide “care packages” including basic necessities such as hygiene

products, small articles of clothing, snack foods, and water. Our very first trip consisted of two people

driving around Chattanooga with only a literal handful of packages, seeking out people to give them to.

We discovered a real need in the world and so this grew exponentially more than we could have ever



Today, we still hand out our care packages, along with brown bag lunches, clothing, and more. We are

able to service far more people on any given trip; in fact, our next upcoming trip will see us giving out

200 hot dog lunches! We have also expanded into the city of Knoxville, TN, as well as continuing to serve

the homeless community in Chattanooga. Over our time, we have had hundreds of people collectively

get involved, whether it is through donating, sponsorships, media involvement, or volunteering and

working the trips with us. We have handed out thousands of our care packages and lunches and we

have even expanded beyond just the homeless community, helping many other people in poverty or

other bad situations. Through all of this, we have found that the need is still to be fulfilled, and that it

stretches farther than most people know.


We are growing and expanding yet again. A few months ago, our vision grew as we began to feel that

there were needs in other countries that we could help meet as well. Our aim is to make the world a

better place and help people, so why limit that with borders and boundaries? With that in mind, we are

very happy to have partnered with David Copeland and Revival Now International, who will be aiding us in

getting started outside of the country. (There’ll be a link for them at the bottom of this post, check them out!)


Our founder, James LaCombe, will be taking a trip with Revival Now to Trinidad on September 23 rd -27 th .

The goal of this trip is for us to “get our foot in the door”, gain some valuable experience, make

contacts, and learn how to best utilize our services in other countries. Our hope is that this turns into

future opportunities where we can take our teams into the less fortunate parts of the world and do

what we have always done: love people right where they’re at, without judgment or prejudices, and

provide them with tangible help in the form of care packages, food, and more.


While in Trinidad, James will be conducting a day of outreach in the form of care packages. Due to

traveling restrictions, he will most likely aim to buy the supplies in Trinidad. If you would like to donate

financially to this trip, any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Please let us know, and feel free to

use any avenue that works best such as GoFundMe, Paypal, etc. All of these can be found on our

website at hhhoutreach.com, under the “Donate” page. Just make sure to include somewhere that the

donation is specifically for this trip. Thank you in advance for the support!


More details on this trip and our international efforts will be given as we go, so make sure to stay

connected with us. Just to be clear, we will absolutely still be conducting outreaches here in the US, as

well as internationally. As always, thank you to each and every one of you for all that you do. There is no

us without you. You are all as much a part of HHH as we are; this is your ministry as well as ours. Keep us

in your thoughts and prayers as we grow and continue to try to #BeTheChange.


Here’s to HHH Outreach International!